Heat Treatment Information

Thermal Eradication – Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

Heat treatments are recognized as the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Victoria Pest Control is pleased to offer our customers this safe and effective treatment!

Benefits of a Heat Treatment:

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  • All life cycle stages of the bed bug are destroyed, including eggs!
    Pesticides do not kill bed bug eggs.
  • Because the bed bug egg is destroyed, most treatments require only ONE service!
    When using pesticides, a minimum of two treatments is required, but often 3 or more is necessary.
  • Heat kills pesticide resistant bed bugs!
    It is well documented that bed bugs are resistant to many pesticides, further complicating chemical control.
  • Heat can penetrate into furniture, cracks and crevices, wall voids, personal belongings, and other places pesticides cannot.
  • Although some preparation is required prior to a heat treatment, it is far less than the amount of preparation required for an effective pesticide application.
  • We can safely “heat” all of the belongings that we cannot apply pesticides to, such as books, clothing, electronics, mattresses etc.

How bed bug heat treatments work:

A bed bug heat treatment, often referred to as a whole room treatment, utilizes professional industrial equipment to introduce warm air throughout an entire structure, above the threshold a bed bug can withstand. This temperature is referred to as the thermal death point. The temperature required to destroy bed bugs and their eggs is 50 Celsius, or 122 F. (Source: Dr. Stephen A. Kells, Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota ) Where we can use heat to eliminate bed bugs: Apartments, single family homes, seniors homes, day care facilities, hotels, offices, moving trucks (to decontaminate bed bugs from furniture before transporting it into a non-infested area), classrooms, and virtually any other place where bed bugs may be found. (An inspection is required prior to treatment to ensure feasibility)

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