Traditional Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs can be a stressful experience! That’s why Victoria Pest Control aims to provide the most thorough and comprehensive bed bug control for our clients. We have extensive experience in controlling bed bugs, and are constantly evolving our treatments to be the safest and most effective in the Greater Victoria Area.

Our Traditional IPM Bed Bug Treatments can include:
  • Inspection and identification to confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs.
  • Client consultations, to increase bed bug education and awareness.
  • The use of hepa vaccums – to physically remove bed bugs.
  • Climb up interceptor traps – to catch migrating bed bugs and monitor control efforts.
  • Mattress and Box Spring Encasements – to protect your investment,
    and help prevent future infestations within your mattress and box spring.
  • The controlled application of pesticides to bed bug harbourage areas.
  • The use of steam can be applied to areas containing bed bug eggs.
    (Most pesticides will not kill bed bug eggs.)
  • Follow up post treatment evaluations, to verify control efforts and monitor progress.
Victoria Pest Control is here to help you become bed bug free! Whether its a single family home, apartment, housing society, or even a car (they get infested too!), we have a solution to solve your bed bug problem!!!


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