Bedbug Preparation Sheet

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Bedbug Treatment

To achieve the best results from a bed bug treatment, it is important to carry out the following steps:

Before the Treatment

All bed linens should be put in plastic bags and washed on the hottest wash and dry cycle possible.

Curtains and clothing in the infested areas should be checked and washed if needed, or put through the hottest cycle on the dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes.

All personal possessions and items such as toys, books, clutter, must be inspected for bedbugs and removed from the floors, including in closets.

Any cardboard boxes used for storage near the infested areas should be emptied and discarded in plastic bags.

Wardrobes, closets, nightstands, drawers, etc should be emptied and the contents inspected for infestation.

All floors, carpet edges, curtains and upholstered furniture should be thoroughly vacuumed. The vacuum bag must then be disposed of in a plastic bag in an outside garbage can.

Tiled, concrete, wooden, and any other hard floor surfaces should be swept or vacuumed and washed.

Ensure that aquariums are removed or covered and that the filter and pump are disconnected.

The more clutter or stuff there is, the more difficult it will be to control an infestation.


When insecticide treatments are applied to enclosed areas or continuously occupied living or working spaces, people and pets should vacate for 4-6 hours. Pregnant women, Children under 2 years of age and people with respiratory problems or health concerns should vacate for 12 to 24 hours and consult their doctor. Pet birds should be out for 24 hours.

Following treatment

Ventilate upon re-entry to the treated area by opening doors and windows.

DO NOT wash or vacuum floors near baseboards for a minimum of 8 weeks following treatment.

Please Note

Bed bug activity may be observed for a couple of weeks after treatment. This is not unusual and may be due to newly hatched bedbugs, which have not yet come into contact with the insecticide. The insects will eventually die. A follow up inspection and treatment is required in 3-4 weeks.

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