Flea Preparation Sheet

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To achieve the best results from a flea treatment, it is important to carry out the following steps:

Before the Treatment

All floors, upholstered furniture and pest resting areas should be thoroughly vacuumed. Particular attention should be given to pest harbourages (i.e.: along baseboards). Dispose of the vacuum bag outside.

Pick up all personal items (i.e.: clothes, books, toys, plants etc.) off of floors in all rooms.

Remove items stored under beds, under furniture and on closet floors.

Clear open food off kitchen counter tops.

Begin a vet approved flea treatment program such as Program or Advantage for all pets.

Cover fish tanks and disconnect filter and pump.


When insecticide treatments are applied to enclosed areas or continuously occupied living or working spaces, people and pets should vacate for 6-8 hours. Pregnant women, Children under 2 years of age and people with respiratory problems or health concerns should vacate for 24 hours and consult their doctor. Pet birds should be out for 24 hours.

Following treatment

Ventilate upon re-entry to the treated area by opening doors and windows.

DO NOT wash floors or baseboards for a minimum of 8 weeks following treatment.

Avoid steam cleaning the carpets for 3 months.

Vacuum thoroughly every few days, especially along baseboards and under furniture cushions.

Infants should not be allowed to crawl on treated areas for several days and should have footwear.

Please Note

Flea activity may be observed for a couple of weeks after treatment. This is not unusual and may be due to newly hatched insects, which have not yet come into contact with the insecticide. The insects will eventually die.

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