Thatching Ant

Thatching Ant

Thatching Ants

Thatching ants, often called red ants, or biting ants, are a group of ants belonging to the Genus Formica. These ants are extremely important to the local ecology, but occasionally they can invade homes and structures. They are often found nesting in insulated wall voids, rarely causing damage, but on occasion can nest behind electrical outlets, causing potential electrical problems.

Thatching Ants – (Red Ants, Biting Ants, Mound Ants)

Thatching Ant’s mounds can grow to be over 1/2 a meter tall and over a 1 meter in diameter. Occasionally, many mounds can be formed in the same area, and create a “super colony” of multiple nest sites (polydomy), interconnected through trails of workers (1) . Although they do not “sting”,  Thatching Ants can bite hard enough to pierce the skin, and spray formic acid onto the bite site as a defense mechanism, which often feels like you’ve been “stung”.

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Field Ants

Another common Formica species in Greater Victoria is Formica fusca (see photo above), commonly called the field ant. This ant has a black head, thorax, and abdomen, and is occasionally misidentified by homeowners as a carpenter ant. This ant occasionally nests in homes and buildings, especially when soil has been set too high against the siding of a structure.

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(1) Thatching Ants – Super Colony Published Paper (PDF)